Open Source Projects

Bitbucket Mercurial to Git Migration

Bitbucket Mercurial to Git Migration has powershell scripts to migrate from hg to git on Bitbucket.

Ghost to GitHub Pages Converter

Ghost to GitHub Pages Converter converts a Ghost 0.x json export into Jekyll compatible markdown files for GitHub pages.

jQuery Message Plugins

The jQuery Kendo Message and jQuery Bootstrap Message plugins allow you to easily display consistent styled messages.

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Facebook Steam Achievements

Steam Achievements is an open source Facebook app that allows you to share your Steam achievements with your Facebook friends.

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xVal for WebForms

xVal for WebForms brings the Attribute based client and server side validation of xVal to traditional ASP.NET 3.5 web forms.

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Confluence UWC for ScrewTurn

Confluence UWC for ScrewTurn is a Universal Wiki Converter I created to aid my company’s migration from ScrewTurn Wiki to Confluence.

Other Projects

See my GitHub account for even more projects.